Sky Blue Safety specialises in the recruitment of health and safety related roles. All roles are dealt with by a qualified health and safety professional who fully understands what is required to find the right person to ensure a business is doing all they need to in order to sufficiently protect their workforce.

Sky Blue Safety helps with the following types of roles:

  • Health and safety professionals
  • Facilities management
  • Warehouse management

At Sky Blue Safety we think it’s imperative to really understand our clients, be itcompanies looking to hire or candidates searching for their next role. We not only explore the professional skills that are needed, but we also take the time to dig into the type of people you want and what the company culture is like so that we’re able to more easily match the right person with the right role.

Every company is different. We all have different values and respond to different atmospheres, and two exact same roles could require very different people at different sites. You could so easily have someone who looks great on paper, but if they don’t suit your particular company then no one will be happy. We want to explore the whole picture enabling us to confidently find the candidates that will be right for you.

This is our approach to recruitment:

  • We’ll ask the right questions so that we get to know your organisation and its culture
  • We operate a bespoke service to specifically identify and source the best candidates for your role
  • We will assess and verify the skills and knowledge of candidates through a comprehensive recruitment process
  • We will only put forward a candidate to you when we know they are the ideal person for the role, and your business

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming role you have and find out more about our focused approach to recruitment which we are confident will save you a lot of time, please get in touch.

Alternatively, download our Job Vacancy form and send us the details of the roles you'd like us to promote.

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